"Most people keep their family memories in photo albums... We keep ours in wine bottles..."

— Jean-Jacques Charles
Five generations of wine tradition...

Illustration By Jean-Pierre Got

(Illustrations for this page under copyright by Jean-Pierre Got, French wine poster-artist – http://jeanpierregot.online.fr)

Our Tasting Room

Outside Tasting Room

When you lift your own glass and play the fascinating game of judging the wines you taste, forget all about the "rules" which have been stiffy expounded by the pompous wine snobs. There are no immutable laws for deciding which wines match your personal taste, but there are a few helpful points to remember...

First, look at the wine in your glass and decide whether or not you enjoy its color.

Inside Our RoomThen, slowly breathe in its bouquet and notice whether it is fresh, flowery and fruity, delicate and refreshing, simple or complex, or, perhaps, aromatic and spicy, giving a sense either of youth or age... Next, sip it, roll it gently around your tongue, notice its aftertaste in your throat when you have swallowed it, decide whether you enjoy savoring it, whether it is elegant, fat, juicy, or velvety, as it caresses your taste buds.

Our Relaxing Courtyard

You don't have to be an expert to know what you like. The only way you can really learn about wine is by tasting it. The pleasure starts at once and will increase, year after year, as your experience is widened and your judgement sharpened.

For more discovery about wine and wine appreciation, visit our tasting-room in Murphys where the Becquet family members will make you feel like you're a genuine part of their extended family.

Domaine Becquet Winery

(not open to the public - our tasting room is in Murphys)

Winery: 2173 Highway 12 East - Valley Springs, Ca. 95252
Tel: (209) 772 1303 Fax: (209) 772 9469
Owners: Jean-Jacques & Roswitha Vitrac
E-mail: winery@BecquetWinery.com
Mailing address: PO Box 1418, Valley Springs, CA 95252

Tasting-room: 415 Main Street (in the courtyard) in Murphys
Tel: (209) 728 8487
Opening hours: Thursday-Monday, 11am -5pm
Tasting is complimentary.
Featured wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, Dry Rose, Claret, Sangiovese, Rhone blends, dessert wines, tawny, ruby, etc